Saturday, March 27, 2010

Raffle information

Tickets for this wonderful quilt are $1.00 for 1 or 6 for $5.00. The drawing will be held April 30th! Tickets may be purchased on Paypal payable to; by mail to TART, 455 CR 103, Georgetown, TX 78626

'Stairway to Airedale Heaven' is a functional quilt. It is a big, 80 X 80 and will fit across a queen size bed. It wants to be used. Take it to the lake, or on a picnic, cuddle up with it, just keep it handy to use for whatever your needs are. If it gets dirty, don't worry about it, it's washable. If the noses or eyes fade, use a permanent marker to fill them in again. If you are the lucky person to win it, enjoy it.
A few people may think that some of the Airedales are reluctant to go up the Stairway. Wipe your tears, that is not the case. We all know how loving our 'dales can be. The 'dales that 'look' like they are going back down, are not. Those Airedales know that their older friends sometimes have a hard time climbing steps and they are simply checking to see if anyone needs their help and assistance. As you can see, when they get to the top, they are very peaceful and content to rest and wait for us to join them.

Buying lots of tickets will give you the opportunity to perhaps own this unique quilt. But more importantly, you can help the Airedales that have found their heaven here on earth by way of Airedale Rescue.

This quilt was designed and quilted by Kathy Patterson. Airedale designs were drawn by Sadie Moore of Oklahoma and used with Sadie's permission.